Yi Guo went to study Industrial Design first at Beijing Institute of Technology in 2001, after got her Bachelor of Engineering she went to emphasize Design at University of Arts Berlin in 2005 where she attained her Diploma in Industrial Design. 2007 she practised product design with product designer Rupert Kopp at GREIGE/BÜRO FÜR DESIGN in Berlin. 2010 she started to work for Westfield Outdoors, where she developed a range of outdoor furnitures and accessories.  2013 she found her design office in the UK.

Recently she works in various of design ranging from furniture and tableware to industrial design. 

Yi Guo works intensively with materials, technology and is passionate in challenging their limitations. She always brings function, aesthetic and material to life. Together with engineers and producers she develops clean, precise and beautiful products, which fits people's modern taste.


Interview: Yi Guo

  • Q: What's your name and what do you do?

A: My name is Yi Guo, I’m a Maker.

  • Q: What's your thinking about "design"?

A: Every day we see, we touch, we feel different things. Some makes you feel good, some, you just hate. People decide to hug it or abandon it for very simple reason:

You like it or not.

I think that's the defference made by "design". 

  • Q: Is there any rule you would like to follow? 

A: Sure. And there is a simple one, as a maker, to make things that people will love. There will be lots different reasons(ways) for that. Great concept, thoughtful details, premium material, excellent workmanship, nice presentation...

  • Q: How do you think about the products that we daily use? 

A: I see these products as “meaningful and function sculpture”. You can discover it quickly if this product made by passion or just make something to fill the market. 

Unfortunately there are too many products are poorly made due to limited technique and material choosing. More horrible: lack of soul. 

  • Q: Tell me more about your works in the past years.

A: Last 6 years I have been working in consume industry gives me more knowledge about the industrial production which is very helpful for designing industrial products.

The beauty is the balance between sensibility and rationality. Don’t make the simple things complicated. Don’t over design it.

  • Q: Tell me your passion.

A: I'm passionate to create thing that poeple value and enjoy. Not only crafting beautiful, functional products, but also creating lovely food. I like doing things by my hand and heart.

To grow something amazing, that's a wonderful feeling if you see people's smile on their face.

  • Q: What do you think design as a role for companies?

A: I believe product is an ambassador for a brand, what ever the product is, or even a service, it should show the company value and made out of it as a brand. Continuously working on innovative solutions is the key to enhance the brand value, which is important for companies.

  • Q: Is there any tools to achieve it ( build a brand)? 

A: Offer unique and valuable solutions to your customer. If they appriciate you should continious to do it better. It's a long-term and strategic job to enhance your brand and let people remember you.

If we talk about products, using visual brand language (VBL) is the core mission of brand building. VBL is the powerful way to demonstrate its unique values and personality.

  • Q: Thank you for your time.

A: It's my pleasure.